ArchitectureTwo Two, Western Loft, Shared House, Whitney House
InstallationBreathing RoomDesign Adolescence Leaves, Partial Dry Goods

A gallery-shop in flux

ProjectTwo Two
Location3221 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA
ProgramGallery, Shop, Lounge, Studio
ClientTwo Two
TeamJuke Jose, Project Lead
Kadia Bah

InfoTwo Two is an online shop established in 2021 with the intent of creating a conceptual space for artists and creatives to experiment. Two Two seeks to transform this digital platform to a physical space, carrying a range of function from retail to exhibitions. 

The site was a former massage therapy studio situated along locally owned and patronized shops in Grand Lake, Oakland, CA. The concept emerged from the histories of the space and its context by imagining a space that celebrates its past and embraces its future. Through meaningful dialogue between the site’s history and its future use, a process of subtraction and addition was developed. 

The design thoughtfully kept architectural artifacts from its previous program and years of use. The remainder of the studs was abstracted commemorating the former rooms, keeping spatial stability and acting as display fixtures and so forth. The addition of curtains converse to the site through softness allowing spatial ephemerality and flux, giving its users the agency to express their imagination to create a range of configurations and function. Through minimal intervention, the design gesture creates a memorable spatial experience by creating alternative dimensions, a space within a space, responding to our contemporary way of life.

CreditsSpace photos by Spencer Wells. Courtesy of Two Two.