Partial is a design office based in Brooklyn, New York
Working and thinking in spatial design, furniture, objects, etc
a. existing only in part; incomplete

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Manifesto ‘21
Partial is a flexible entity that molds to other elements to create something whole. Whole does not mean complete. Rather, it is a place of understanding. Partial represents the fluidity of our beings. We are components that are in a state of perpetual change.

There is no objective way of seeing and making. We are all carriers of different lenses, grounded in personal experiences, cultures, and context. We are formed to highlight the conversation between ourselves and others through meaningful interactions, collaborations, and relationships.

Everything is a framework. People, events, encounters and proximity are integral components of spaces and objects. To move the architectural and design discourse forward, we imagine a nonhierarchical practice by delayering our way of thinking and making. Through delayered interventions, we aim to make spaces and objects that are sensitive and sincere.

Juke Jose leads the design practice. Current and past team members include Natalia Estevez, Kadia Bah.

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