ArchitectureTwo Two, Western Loft, Shared House, Whitney HouseInstallationBreathing Room DesignAdolescence Leaves, Partial Dry Goods

A space to gather and take a breath
ProjectBreathing Room
LocationNew York City, New York
StatusOpen Call Proposal
ProgramGathering Space
ClientStorefront for Art and Architecture
TeamJuke Jose
InfoBreathing Room investigates the absence we are experiencing with the shuttering of storefronts in the city and beyond. The ghosts of what was there permeates our streetscapes and our everyday lives. The project introduces a plastic bubble that breathes into the Storefront. A plastic reminiscent of plastic covering used during construction and demolition of built spaces. Storefronts today are left with the debris of the past and represents a full recollection of what it once carried. The proposal celebrates absence from its face value, and turning its head against the viewer. Inside, a space full of life appears with people, plants, and objects that invoke people to gather. It speaks of how storefronts and third spaces are not just there to serve as commercial establishments but are vital to the social infrastructure of our neighborhoods.