Oct 22 — Started design of 950 sq. ft. Loft in Belltown in Seattle, WA.

Oct 22 — Two Two’s gallery-shop in Oakland, CA opens. Partial reimagined the former massage studio as a space in constant flux in use and practice, remembering its histories and embracing its future.

Aug 22 — Adolescence Leaves book design wraps up. Partial designed the book with an intent to create a spatial experience with language, enhancing the narrative and meaning of its content. Printed in Seoul, South Korea.

May 22 — Partial to design Two Two’s (formerly Stars Dollars Hearts) gallery-shop space in Oakland, CA. Opening in fall 2022.

Nov 21 — Partial to design the cover and layout of Nathan Truong’s book, Adolescence Leaves.

Aug 21 — Launch of Partial. Co-founded by Kadia Bah and Juke Jose.